Our story

Daughters of Reykjavík or Reykjavíkurdætur, entered the Icelandic music scene with a bang in 2013. They kickstarted their careers by hosting a rap womens night to intimidate the male dominant rap scene. People were shocked by these group of ladies, acting and saying whatever they want, when they want, being sexy, coarse, charming and perceptive all at the same time.


In their time they have gone from telling the prime minister to suck their clit on national television to winning MME Awards at Eurosonic. They made a play for The Reykjavík City Theater and given endless interviews about feminism from their point of view.

Reykjavíkurdætur consists of 10 women 23 - 32 years old all with diverse backgrounds; radio host, sex therapist, graphic designer, sound engineer, glacier guide, actresses and more. What unites them is first and foremost the music but also their unfailing desire to give the audience and themselves the time of their live. You can’t know what the fuss is about until you’ve seen Reykjavíkurdætur live.